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Hello everyone,

Again, thank you Hundreds & Thousands to everyone who sent in their work for us to read. It is such a pleasure to soak it all up and the task of choosing a selection from such a wealth of talent is never an easy one.

We have contacted everyone who submitted work, so the list here will be no surprise.

CONRATULATIONS TO THE BELOW WRITERS! We can’t wait to make believe with your words….

~ Order of presentation still TBC ~


An Enhanced Taste of Eden by Héloise Thual

Boxsets by Richard Fitchett

Circular by Emma Schofield

Dearest Divided by Suzanne Ellison

Don’t Move by Jessica Mallet

Ever Changing Skyline by Emma Pitt

Foundering by Miranda Colmans

Freedom by Lisa Blackwell

Gaia by Lawrence Quilty

Grit by Alex King

Left Behind by Shazedul Haque

Lonely Planet by Blue Gibson

Love Conquers All by Douglas Watkinson

Make Your Fortune by Michael Staniforth

Maternity Ward by Dimitra Barla

Mrs Shipley’s Spinning Wheel by Michele Sheldon

Party’s Over by Andy Curtis

Policy by Isaac Tomiczek

Relative Values by Viv Young

Seen Not Heard by Laura Shoebottom

Sex Deprived by Olivia Pryle

SW1PE by Marc Blake

The Call by Vanessa Rose

The Interview by Ben Woodiwiss

The Last Taboo by Tom Jensen

The List by Chloe Yates

The Waiting Room by Jo Spencely

This World Could Be Paradise by Phoebe Street

Vast by Callie Walsh

Warm and Chewy by Ollie George Clark

Written Off by David Hendon


Please keep your eyes peeled for the specifics ~ coming up as soon as poosible!




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