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+ What better way to find new stories from unheard voices than to invite them straight into your inbox? 

+ Twice yearly, GOI narrow down several hundred script submissions from UK writers, down to just 30 short plays

+ Using a handful of directors and multi-rolling actors, 6 different plays are platformed every night

+ An opportunity for theatre creatives to practice their craft

+ Making room for new world views alongside the more traditional

+ Scripts discovered here are reimagined into PodPlays for The Scene Podcast

+ Please follow us on social media for details of how you can be involved


“The cast enjoy themselves immensely as do the audience. Just wonderful!”

– Camden Fringe Voyeur


“...a strikingly original idea to choose such a context for this play.”

– A Younger Theatre 



“ will love Get Over It Productions”

– Scatter of Opinion 


“When Get Over It Productions are in town, book in advance. We highly recommend their work!”

– Views From The Gods 


“The all-female troupe were fabulously frank and funny…. no lack of talent here…delivered superbly”

– Everything Theatre






Paula is co-founder and Artistic Director of Get Over It Productions. She has directed countless shows over the 11 year life span of the company and given herself major roles in several of their seminal Productions. Ta very much.


“The company was born out of a desire to further the roles for women in theatre, both on and off the stage in a nurturing and supportive environment. To bring forward change by doing it ourselves with nothing but a punk-ethic attitude and a pure passion for storytelling. We’ve never been afraid to run with a vision, as is evident I think from the totally unique Shakespeare adaptations we do – the all-female element of which feels as culturally important today, as it did 16 years ago.” 

Parallel Lines

“For me, fringe theatre is where the most interesting work is made, where creatives take risks and the fringes of society are heard. Having a wide network of theatre makers has meant we have continued to grow as a company and offer more opportunity to emerging artists.”

Velenzia is co-founder of get Over It Productions. She has over 10 year‘s experience on the London fringe theatre scene both on and off stage and is also the current Artistic Director of The Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham.


Sassy has been a performer on the fringe scene in London since graduating East 15 in 2007. She did her first show with Get Over It Productions in 2015 and they couldn’t shake her.


“Working with GOI taught me about the theatre industry as a business. Rather than being at the whim of a casting directors ‘yes’ or ‘no’, being part of a theatre company allows for the opportunity to create truly fulfilling work - the reason I trained as an actor.”

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