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With season 2 of The Scene Podcast wrapping up at the end of March, we just want to say thanks again to everyone involved in those first 20 PodPlays. We are really pleased with how they turned out, and with their consistent quality.

Ya know, at the start of lockdown when we first begun to consider how we could could safely develop some digital output from inside GOI HQ, we had no idea just how much we would find that to be possible – and how willing everyone would be to play a part in the process.

But like with everything, if you keep your feelers out, remain flexible, and keep driving forward, you will see results ….. and we certainly did.

GOI member Sassy has now secured a full-time position with Janno Media – the company which assisted with the post-production and publication of the PodPlays. This opens more doors for bringing Get Over It Productions further in to the digital realm.

As we start to think about getting back in to the theatres, we do so embracing our 2020 evolution and realising that we now have an opportunity to give the creatives we work with and their output, limitless chances for discovery.

We have started rolling balls for our Summer PodPlay project as well as having secured the next 10 scripts for Season 3 of The Scene Podcast.

Here are some of our latest reviews:


Beautiful scenes

A wonderful collection of short scenes lovingly made and brilliantly executed. A great way to escape the hum drum and be transported. Long may they last.



Such interesting stories and well acted!


Such a great find

Just discovered these, brilliant little plays.

If you've listened and loved them, please leave our little PodPlays a review on Apple Podcasts - it boosts us up in the charts and makes us more discoverable!


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