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It’s okay, it’s okay calm down. We know how disappointed you were when you couldn’t make it to see us perform AROUND THE BLOCK at the Etcetera Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe, but we’ve got good news for you…… dry your eyes and read on.

First of all, a huge, HUGE thank you to everyone who came along to support us at our 12th Camden Fringe. We had some wonderful feed back from some very discerning audiences over the course of the run and it really was our pleasure to bring this wonderful writing off the page and to have it seen by such beautiful people so thank you VERY VERY much for coming. Thank you also to everyone at The Etcetera Theatre and to Zena and Michelle of Camden Fringe fame – we’ll see you next year!

High praise for AROUND THE BLOCK:

For those of you who didn’t see it, you have a second chance! Not only can you skim through these exquisite photos by the very talented Toby Lee for a taste of some (but not all!) of what what you missed, but you can BOOK TICKETS for the next run of the production right now, here!

The next run of AROUND THE BLOCK will take place as part of the Clapham Fringe at The Bread and Roses Theatre on the 4th and 5th October at 7pm. (Just one show in a fabulous line-up of diverse and far reaching theatre, running from the 27th September to the 14th October.)

You can read a more in depth synopsis of AROUND THE BLOCK in our previous post, but just to give you a recap…

Bringing you 4 intimate stories that engulf Londoners and their daily lives. AROUND THE BLOCK explores the survival of the mental state in an ever-changing urban landscape, this collection of new writing is elegant, yet haunting and radiates political energy.

Running order:

Thursday 4th October at 7pm Denial by Rob Young Behind You by David Pearson

Friday 5th October at 7pm Aberrations by Andrew Curtis Confinement by Alexa Kesselaar

The Bread and Roses Theatre, 68 Clapham Manor Street, Clapham SW4 6DZ, London

Get Over It Productions

Female led theatre company championing interesting roles for women on the London fringe theatre scene.

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @getoveritpro

Divergent Theatre Collective

International theatremakers telling diverse stories & exploring contemporary social and political issues.

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