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2018 ROUND-UP…

Well 2018, what can we say? What a year you’ve been. Rolling along in your usual week by week fashion, opening doors and clearing new paths as you do.

Let’s just take a little look over our shoulder shall we?

In April we did our first The Scene scratch night of 2018 which saw yet more fresh acting, writing and directing talent pull up a chair at the GOI family table. Such a success was it, that the Tabard Theatre offered us week of something similar for over the Summer. So, when July rolled around we were set and ready to present THIRTY pieces of work in development to a weeks worth of full houses. What good times they were, working with some of our favourite people and yet more new friends, to pull off what was, if we do say so ourselves, quite a feat.

Urgh, the anti-climax when that was all over. But we know how to deal with that…. –

– … Our beloved Camden Fringe (!) opened it’s arms to us for the 12th (yes, TWELFTH) time in August and this is where we teamed up with our friends at Divergent Theatre Collective  to stage Around The Block – a compendium of 5 one woman shows. And there was life after Camden Fringe for these ladies, who then went on to secure another run for this collection at The Clapham Fringe in early October.

We thought we had one last push in us, so when the Tabard Theatre asked us to come back for one night only at the end of October for a final 2018 instalment of The Scene, we weren’t shy to bite their hands off.

This year, like every year, we have grown and stayed humble as more and more opportunity has been given to us. People have trusted us to come up with the goods, and so we have. This is only possible because the people we work with are endlessly generous and enthusiastic about what we do. The amount of time and feedback we get from those immensely talented folks we are lucky enough to call associates, keeps us open, moving forward and evolving. We have learnt so much. Not least of all; how much people love a badge.

Thank you to everyone who has written, been in, directed, lit, stage managed, re-tweeted, or bought tickets for anything we’ve staged this year. We wish you a safe and happy Festive Season and we’ll see you when the buds start unfurling…..



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