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Shrew Stories @ The Bread & Roses Theatre

Shrew returns to the stage this February 21st-25th at The Bread & Roses Theatre.

Currently Top Pick over at London Pub Theatres – check out this cheeky interview with co-founders Velenzia Spearpoint & Paula Benson (Artistic Director) where they talk all things theatre, feminism and the Bard.

“In Get Over It Productions’ version, Shakespeare’s play is moved to 1989 … it works brilliantly. When Get Over It Productions are in town, book in advance. We highly recommend their work!”  ★★★★★

“…reimagined to satisfy the appetite of today’s audience… a strikingly original idea to choose such a context for this play.”

“…you will love Get Over It Production’s adaptation of William’s most wicked wench. Full of mischief, these girls are game for playing fools, resulting in an hour of good, plain, fun.”

Get Over It are thrilled to have original cast return for this early 2017 run. Paula Benson (Director), Velenzia Spearpoint (Assistant Director), Rhiannon Kelly, Sassy Clyde, Heather Warne, Isabella McGough, Lesley Hayes, Melanie Blake, Sarah Jeanpierre  and Evelyn Craven. They are also delighted to welcome Faye Barber & Katie Joyce.

The Taming of the Shrew, 21st-25th Feb, 7:30pm – tickets available here.


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